Accounting for family businesses

Here at Gibbons we understand the crucial role family businesses play in the UK economy.

Our family business accountants have the experience and knowledge to help family businesses continue from one generation to the next.

We can assist family businesses through the process of succession, managing conflict and disagreements, improving communication and governance and putting appropriate measures in place to ensure fair returns to all family members. We also work with the next generation, educating and preparing them for the future so that your family business can continue successfully for years to come.

We are proud to have worked with a number of family business clients for many years and we can also help your business with a wide range of family business accounting services.

We help family businesses with:

  • Cash flow management
  • Advice on the maintenance of tax and accounting records
  • Monitoring business performance
  • Pre-year-end planning for tax mitigation
  • Planning for retirement and pension provision
  • Succession planning, including wills and Inheritance Tax
  • Potential sale, management buy-out or exit strategies
  • Funding for expansion, asset finance and debt repayment

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More Sectors

Our accountants have considerable expertise in several industry sectors to help entrepreneurial businesses meet and exceed their objectives

  • Agriculture Accountant Cumbria

    Agriculture Accountant

    Read how our agriculture accountants assist farmers and rural businesses with accounts, tax and estate planning.

  • Business Startup Accountant Cumbria

    Business Startup Accountant

    Learn how our business startup accountants can guide you through the process of starting your business.

  • Care Home Accountant Cumbria

    Care Home Accountant

    Find out why care homes choose to work with our care home accountants team.

  • Charity Accountant Cumbria

    Charity Accountant

    Discover how our charity accountants help charities and not-for-profits with accounts, tax and advice.

  • Construction Accountant Cumbria

    Construction Accountant

    Learn how our construction accountants help construction firms and contractors improve cash flow and profitability.

  • Contractor Accountant Cumbria

    Contractor Accountant

    See how our contractor accountants help contractors and freelancers grow profitability and reduce tax.

  • Healthcare Accountants Cumbria

    Healthcare Accountant

    Read how our healthcare accountants help dentists, GPs, vets and opticians with accounts, tax & advice.

  • Hotel Accountants Cumbria

    Hotel Accountant

    Discover how our hotel accountants help hotels, guest houses & accommodation providers with accounts, tax and advice.

  • Leisure & Tourism Accountants Cumbria

    Leisure and Tourism Accountant

    Learn how our leisure and tourism accountants help restaurants, hotels, pubs and tourism businesses.

  • Professional Practice Accountant Cumbria

    Professional Practice Accountant

    Discover how our professional practice accountants help architects, solicitors, surveyors and consultants.

  • Property Accountant Cumbria

    Property Accountant

    Learn how our property accountants can provide you the right advice on tax, capital gains and tax issues.

  • R&D Tax Adviser Cumbria

    R&D Tax Relief & Patent Box

    Discover how our R&D tax advisers reduce tax for businesses carrying out R&D or involved in Patents.