1. Is your business paperwork dragging you down?

    • 13 May 2015
    • By David O’Donnell

    Accounting and bookkeeping Paperwork, record keeping, bookkeeping, whatever name you choose it is never anyone’s favourite task and is enough to strike fear into many people who want to start a small business. However, the […]

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  2. Some contractors tell me they “can retain 90% of your earnings” fact or fiction?

    If you’re like most other contractors, at some point recently, you will have received normally an email from a “tax consultant” or “accountant” offering you a solution which would allow you to retain up to […]

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  3. Compulsary VAT Registration

    From 1 April 2015 your business needs to register for VAT if your turnover for the previous 12 months is more than £82,000. This test needs to be applied at the end of every month, […]

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  4. Changes in Research and Development Tax Allowances and Patent Box

    With effect from the 1 April 2015 the tax relief for qualifying expenditure on R&D increases to 230% for the SME scheme and in addition large companies “above the line” expenditure credit increases to 11%. […]

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  5. Abbey Tax

    With the government’s finances in a poor state we anticipate an increase in HMRC enquiries over the coming year. If adequate records are not retained, it can be very difficult and costly to refute HM […]

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  6. Tax Return Filing Deadline

    • 12 Jan 2015
    • By Philip Holdsworth

      As the 31 January filing deadline approaches, HMRC has compiled its annual list of excuses used in unsuccessful appeals against penalties for late filing and payment. They are – My pet dog ate my […]

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