Benefits of online accounting systems

Online accounting software packages have made the once expensive and stagnant luxury of having accounting packages a thing of the past. Reliable, affordable and jam packed with features, it’s definitely a resource all businesses should consider.

Online software allows access to the data anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. This means access to your business information via your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop.

Integrated access with your bank accounts gives you the immediate picture of how your business is performing, instantly being able to review which customers have paid.

Multi user options are available, with a variety of access rights, allowing real time access to the data by your employees and your accountant. Employees can enter any expense claims they have or create and send sales invoices to customers, reducing some of the bookkeeping burden.

Allowing us access as your accountant enables us to assist you immediately from our office with any problems you may be having. We can remotely access the data and help you out, saving precious business time.

The flexibility and ease of access makes keeping up to date with the once dreaded chore of bookkeeping an exciting and easy task, VAT returns are now ready to submit at the click of a button. Management information is available which is vital to help assist making the right business decisions.

Comparison to traditional systems:


  • Monthly subscription
  • Access anywhere
  • Multi users part of price
  • Always access most up to date version
  • Support part of the subscription
  • Back up on the cloud


  • High up front cost
  • Installed onto one computer/system
  • Additional cost for multi licence/user
  • Becomes out of date easily
  • High extra annual cost for support
  • Need to backup and keep safe

Online accounting packages free up your time and save you money so you can focus on what you know and invest your time developing and driving your business forward.

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(This blog entry was taken from an article written by Tania Sutton)






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